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Are you one of these guys? No? Then you can't sing Auld Lang Syne while drunk no matter what you say.

Are you one of these guys? No? Then you can’t sing Auld Lang Syne while drunk no matter what you say.

Alright,  here it is; the only sparkling wine advice you’ll need for New Year’s Eve. It’s all about the science of bubbles!!!  Science Friday, one of my favorite podcasts had chemist Richard Zare on to discuss the persnickety peculiarities of bubbly beverages.  Despite the overly-liberal use of the brand name “Champagne” (Remember all Champagnes are sparkling white wines, but not all sparkling white wines are Champagne.) this was a fantastic episode with numerous tidbits that you can use to tantalize your NYE cohorts.  Take special note of Ira’s suggestion of a pickup line.

Oh, and what sparkling wine should you get this year?  Apparently, sparkling red wines are trendy right now (Gamay, Pinot Noir, and blends mostly).  So there you have it.  I just knew something trendy.

Enjoy this and have a wonderful end to your 2012: The year the world didn’t end. Again.

SciFri: Get the Most Bang From Your Bubbly


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I know it’s odd that I’m actually posting a holiday related item on the holiday itself since I never do that, but do yourself a favor and go pick up this wine and make some cookies tonight!

Rating: 5/5

Orange-Cardamom sugar cookies!

Wine: Domaine Hubert Clavelin “Brut-Comté” Cremant du Jura NV


This is about as close to Champagne as you can get without actually getting Champagne.  Names or “brands” in wine are something I’m kind of a stickler for.  So Champagne only comes from Champagne, France and is made in the traditional method.  Champagne is a white-sparkling wine.  Not all white-sparkling wines are Champagne.  Got it?  Calling all white-sparkling wines Champagne is like calling all sports cars Ferraris. [Stepping off soap box now.]  This wine comes from Côte du Jura (not in Champagne) and is an excellent value.  Champagne can get quite expensive and this ran about $20.  Pairing this with orange-cardamom cookies was a fantastic idea even though it would be just fine alone or with a number of other things.  I’m a bit of a cookie monger (not to be confused with monster), so one could say a way to my heart is through cookies.  I’m even eating one right now.  How did that touch of pink get in the frosting you might ask?  Food coloring? No! I found a 3 year old box of wild strawberry JELL-O hidden in a cabinet and added a dash of that.  Who knew?  This is how I contribute to other people’s projects.

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