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Thick-cut pork chop with a rub (chipotle pepper, Hungarian paprika, salt/pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme, cayenne, and clove) put on the grill low and slow basking in the glorious smoke of hickory chips.  On the side: grapeseed oil sauteéd golden beet and kale mixed into some orzo.

Wine: Aaron Berdofe Pinot Noir 2013


F’ing Hipsters.

Sometimes the stars align at the exact moment you need them to.  We in Minnesota have been desperately seeking spring like nobody’s business and yesterday we finally saw an inkling indication that warm weather is on the way.  Naturally, for me this meant it was a chance to use the grill.  Additionally, my latest batch of kit wine, a California Pinot Noir, decided it was ready*.  I don’t really have a label worked up for my small batches of wine, mainly because it’s completely unnecessary, so I did not include a gratuitous label shot.  However, a couple months ago I did happen to capture the moment that I realized I was racking wine in my SW Minneapolis home WHILE wearing flannel on camera…unintentional hipster moment.  So you get a picture of that.  Happy?  Anyway, the food was fantastic and the clove just picked up so nicely in the wine that I may have been somewhat overindulgent in my sounds of pleasure while consuming this concoction.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how long the finish has been in the two wines that I’ve made.  The succulence of the pork, certainly called for a wine to stick around for awhile.  Speaking of which, do you know what wine makers and marketers call wines without a lengthy finish?  “Easy Drinking”


*For those of you who already have a bottle of my Pinot Noir, now would be a good time to start drinking it.  Serve just below room temperature.


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Rating: 4/5

Slow cooked chicken in a solid blend of herbs and spices, along with Risotto made from Arborio, milk, butter, olive oil with a dash of white truffle, cardamom, honey, pepper and white wine.  Side salad included.

Wine: King Estate’s Acrobat Pinot Gris 2009


I’m somewhat convinced that this wine could go with just about anything reasonable. It is true to any decent Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris in that respects.  The thing that made this pairing a little above average was the touch of honey and cardamom in the Risotto and the bit of sweetness it brought out in the finish of the wine.   Great meal for the start of Spring!

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Rating: 4/5

Mussels steamed in Muscadet, Chicken Broth and Lime juice over…

Golden Beets, Taro and Leeks left to steam and sauteed Scallops in Muscadet and Tarragon over…


Wine: Domaine Pierre de La Grange, 2008 (Muscadet)


Fantastic spring meal!  To really top this off the Quinoa could have been cooked a little better (it was flash cooked due to a time crunch and therefore a bit too crunchy), the lemongrass that was bought at the Seward Co-op could have been added to my grocery bag and thus put into the steamed mussels and the Muscadet could have been aged another couple of years.  The results of this would have been sublime.

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