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I know it’s odd that I’m actually posting a holiday related item on the holiday itself since I never do that, but do yourself a favor and go pick up this wine and make some cookies tonight!

Rating: 5/5

Orange-Cardamom sugar cookies!

Wine: Domaine Hubert Clavelin “Brut-Comté” Cremant du Jura NV


This is about as close to Champagne as you can get without actually getting Champagne.  Names or “brands” in wine are something I’m kind of a stickler for.  So Champagne only comes from Champagne, France and is made in the traditional method.  Champagne is a white-sparkling wine.  Not all white-sparkling wines are Champagne.  Got it?  Calling all white-sparkling wines Champagne is like calling all sports cars Ferraris. [Stepping off soap box now.]  This wine comes from Côte du Jura (not in Champagne) and is an excellent value.  Champagne can get quite expensive and this ran about $20.  Pairing this with orange-cardamom cookies was a fantastic idea even though it would be just fine alone or with a number of other things.  I’m a bit of a cookie monger (not to be confused with monster), so one could say a way to my heart is through cookies.  I’m even eating one right now.  How did that touch of pink get in the frosting you might ask?  Food coloring? No! I found a 3 year old box of wild strawberry JELL-O hidden in a cabinet and added a dash of that.  Who knew?  This is how I contribute to other people’s projects.


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