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Rating: 4/5

Braised Elk steaks with a rub of pepper and sage with a cranberry chutney drizzled over it.  A side of brown rice with boiled acorn squash and cooked cranberries thrown in.

Wine: Yoakim Bridge Merlot 2007

Notes: I really need to figure out how to give wild game a little more juice after they come off the heat. The next experiment will be to re-inject some of the juices the meat is cooking in back into the meat as it cooks.  Outside of that, this was another great meal for the fall.  Hunted game (read: ultra-manly, except that someone else did the hunting) with a suitable side and matched with a wine from one of my current favorite wine producers out of Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma.  I’m really digging the combo of using sage on meats and having a great merlot.



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Rating: 4/5

Paella made with sun-dried tomato chicken sausage, scallops, shrimp, mixed peppers, chili beans, white rice, garlic, mushrooms and fresh sage.

Wine: Pétalos Bierzo 2006


Paella happens to be one of my favorite dishes of all time.  The peppers I use generally change from time to time and if I add beans, they’re usually just red and not chili.  However, it’s hard to mess Paella up and the pepper mix of cayenne and serrano pulled in a good deal of heat.  The fresh sage was a first time addition and definitely a keeper since it provided a wonderful refreshment in the middle of the dish.  Generally, I’ll pair this with a Tempranillo or Monastrell, but the Bierzo (grape: Mencía) was something new so I opted for it.  Bierzo is complex as it sifts between something like a Tempranillo in the leather and tannin and then towards something fruitier with it’s red fruits with hints of minerality and herbs.  It packs a punch though.  The mouthfeel on this was like a semi flowing through your mouth.  Oddly, this made a great pairing with a spicy dish that probably would have prompted sweat without its aid.

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