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Picture selected based on the artist’s misunderstanding of when the USA was founded and when bards and swashbuckling pirates existed. 

Recently, I had a birthday dinner at a local restaurant here in Minneapolis.  It was French.  It was delightful. It was serene.  The most wonderful part of it though was the fact that this restaurant was offering half-glasses of wine (2.5oz instead of 5oz) on their menu of any wine they poured by the glass.  Even better, the price of that half-glass was exactly half the price of the full glass.  It was brilliant.  I was inspired.  I wrote a ballad about it:


The Ballad of the Half-Glass Pour

As I sat down at the restaurant,
Menu soon in hand,
I was craving bubbles from a Francophonic land.

But as my eyes danced merrily,
From savory small plate to sweet,
My wine desires multiplied, how would my cravings be complete?

But what was this? Could it be true?
I spied in the margin,
Half a pour for half the price? A fair and even bargain.

How else could I sample them all?
Mix and match as I pleased,
This restaurant was offering half glasses of wine, it seemed like such a tease.

Unlike the up-marked volume sales of the airport,
Where they offer you 6 ounces or 9,
I’ll take variety so 2.5 will be fine.

In the end a similar volume
Will probably be consumed,
But who can choose just one flower, when the entire field is in bloom?

Bubbles to start
Then I selected a Cab Franc rosé
Could have gone on to a red, but I’d already had a glass that day.

For dessert, I had the Byrrh,
A digestif to settle all that food.
Having only just half glasses had put me in the mood.

Satiated, satisfied,
I sat back in my chair with a delighted sigh.
It felt as though Utopia had finally drawn in nigh.

If you chance upon a restaurant
Whose menu begets a paradox of choice
You’d best hope they have the half-glass pour, and if they do rejoice.

For the wine flight is constructed
Meant for comparing and not completing
The option for the half-glass pour however, is certainly worth repeating.


Taken in Lyon, France…not the bottle I drank from the night of the half-glass pours. 



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Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  I’ve been busy…drinking wine and stuff.  OK, I really can’t come up with a good excuse.  To make up for my prolonged absence, I am giving you a crazy-awesome wine and food experience.  I even have multiple pictures just to back up all the hyperbole of the last sentence.  Let’s get to the good stuff!


Seafood medley of clams, mussels, lobsters, and shrimp accompanied by red potatoes, chorizo, and ears of corn.  Cooking juices loaded up with butter for dipping.

Wine: Charles & Charles Rosé 2012



Yes, yes, yes, the food and the wine were absolutely fantastic.  All of it was cooked in single pot, and I don’t want any grief from East Coasters about that fact that I did my clambake in Minneapolis!  The dry rosé from Washington had a great sense of minerality that worked well with the seafood and quite a bit of bright fruit to add a nice layer of texture on top of the meal.  Overall, this was a great wine and food pairing, but when it comes to the experience of the meal, there’s always so much more involved.

It just so happened for me that my craving to have a clambake this year was given the perfect opportunity by my father being born a certain number of years ago (His secret is safe with me).  Fortunately, the rain held out and we were able to enjoy the great outdoors in the city while stuffing ourselves silly with delicious seafood and washing it down with solid wine.  As a little sensory bonus I clipped some rosemary, lemon thyme, and lavender from my garden and poured some hot water over them (essentially just making herbal tea) to add a little headiness to the air.   It was fun, it was messy, it was an adventure.  This is truly one of those events that I think everyone simply must have annually. I don’t even care what you’re celebrating.  Just find a great meal, get some great wine, and then put some effort into it!



The best part about wine and food is that it gives an event something to focus around.  This shared social experience of enjoyment is, in my mind, one of the finest things in life.  One might credit the amount of wine consumed, but I’m guessing it’s the act of sharing something enjoyable that brings people closer together during these nights.  I would add that it’s of extra benefit to share something enjoyable that is also new.

I could probably go on a rant about how we as an American society are not spending enough time sitting and enjoying meals together, but I think we’re all acutely aware of that message.  Instead, I will say this: wine and food are an integral part of the human connection.  The experience is also an important opportunity for adults to show children how to drink alcohol responsibly with food.  So the next time you think about planning a meal go ahead and decide to cook something you think is fancy and share a bottle of wine over it.  Just the little bit of extra effort in thinking about it will pay off in dividends.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


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Rating: 4/5

Traditional Sweet and Sour Chicken with carrots over white rice.

Wine: Dusted Valley Ramblin’ Rosé 2010


What a delightful wine.  I came across this vineyard earlier in the year when they came to strut their stuff at a trade show in Minneapolis.  By far, they were my favorite Washington wine producer at the show and since I’m now a member of their Stained Tooth Society (aptly named), I’ll probably have a few more future posts pairing their wines.

This rosé, while fruit forward as just about every rosé is, doesn’t dip into the sweetness realm like so many others.  Crisp and dry, just the way I like ’em.  Its lingering finish elevates it above just a “pleasant sipper” and made me want to get some food along side it.   Some Sweet and Sour Chicken fit the bill.  The touch of cinnamon really played nicely with the fruitiness in the wine and the bit of acid along with the body of the wine held up against the food easily enough.    The only thing that could have made this better would have been to add a little more pepper in the mix.

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Rating: 5/5

1/2 Chicken rubbed with pepper, rosemary, salt and some leftover Chinese Plum Sauce I had from a wine and food pairing event the night before.  Side of mashed sweet potatoes with nutmeg and cinnamon and sauteed kale with garlic, lemon juice and ginger.

Wine: Elk Cove Pinot Noir Rosé 2009


Hello, autumn.  After hearing raves multiple times from a woman who checks me out at the wine shop on this wine, I decided to give it a go.  Why not?  I haven’t actually had a Rosé all year anyway.  Shame on me, right? So I finally did.  Just when summer was over.  Paired with the chicken, sweet potatoes and kale, this was a magnificent lunch for two.  The wine has these light floral, strawberry and watermelon characteristics, but with a solid body and structure behind it that mixed wonderfully with the fall flavors in the food.  Perfect seasonal segue meal.  Roasted chicken always looks beautiful as well so I included a picture of the full meal this time.

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