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TNS #3

Another example of how loquaciousness would get the best of me if I wrote tasting notes.


I lay in a field of lilacs. The coolness of a spring breeze lightly brushes over my skin as it wisps across the prairie.  A butterfly anointed with yellow and blue flutters by as I raise another bit of fruit to my lips; tasting, lingering over the lusciousness of it.  The day moves slowly laying under these few wraiths of clouds painted onto the benevolent sky.  Life moves like a glacier.

The simplicity is what is astounding. Seemingly, there should be layers of complexity, webs of mathematics beneath the displayed elegance before me, but alas, I can see none.  The purity of the flowered air is only impugned by a hint of baking spices in the near distance.  And this, yes this mere whisper of spice is enough to arouse my appetite once more.  “The day is young.” I declare to the butterfly and with that I rise to my feet in pursuit of more substance.

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