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Rating: 5/5

Hand ground pesto over browned turkey sausage, leeks and fresno pepper all on some homemade pasta.

Wine: Cottanera Barbazzale Bianco (Inzolia) 2008


OK, OK…I might be slightly biased since this was the first time I’ve made pasta from scratch and it turned out to be fantastic.  I made them a bit thick because I’ve been craving a thick pasta noodle for at least a year and you can’t buy them in stores and it’s certainly rare to find in a restaurant as well.  The pesto, made with a mortar and pestle was also fantastic.  I’ve been  using walnuts instead of pine nuts and more spinach than basil recently.  Try it.  You’ll love it.

The wine was made from a grape known as Inzolia in Sicily (Ansonica in Tuscany and numerous names in other places).  It carries a bit of nuttiness in addition to being a crisp, dry white which went wonderfully with the pesto.  The finish was expansive. Always a plus.

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