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Superfluous Rating: 5/5

Salmon fillet seasoned with salt, pink peppercorns and rosemary; topped with butter and lemon and thrust into an aluminum packet and put on the grill.  Red potatoes, leeks, onions, mushrooms, and asparagus seasoned with salt, pepper, and rosemary; loved with a butter and olive oil mix, piled into an aluminum packet and put on the grill.

Wine: Rudera de Tradisie Chenin Blanc 2009

Those of you with a keen eye will note a different windowed back drop. Cheers to buying a house and turning it into your own wine palace.


There’s nothing like a cold snap during the tail end of September to remind Minnesotans that winter will be coming soon.  Nevertheless, I will be using the grill until there is a foot of snow on it; and perhaps then I might even make that the first destination when creating snow paths.  The best part of putting all your food in to tin foil or aluminum (pronounced Al-lu-MINI-um if you’re British) is that there is barely any cleanup and you can still let the food simmer in tasty juices.  And this salmon, with potatoes and veggies on the side is delightful after that.  I believe the internet people say, “Nom.”

I don’t think I’ve seen salmon popularly paired with Chenin Blanc, which is all fine and good, but this was fantastic.  This particular C-Blanc (its rapper name) from Stellenbosch, South Africa was wonderfully floral and had a bit of creaminess to it because it was fermented in oak.  Not a common process for C-Blanc, but it worked out fine to give it quite a bit of body and really turned this into a cool autumn comfort meal.

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Rating: 2/5

Shrimp bisque made from pureed rice and shrimp (no cream), green onions, shrimp broth, dash of cayenne and some other good stuff.

Wine: Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2009


Anytime you pair a decent meal with a mediocre wine, all you can hope for is that the wine doesn’t detract from the experience.  Shrimp Bisque made from pureed rice instead of cream is a nice way of lightening the bisque part of the soup up.  A Chenin Blanc would pair nicely with this if it had a bit of grassy-ness to it and a touch of minerality.  The Sula Chenin Blanc  didn’t have that.

Given that this was my first foray into the wines from India, I will withhold judgement for the entire country as a wine-producing region.  However, Nashik, where Sula Vineyards is located, sits at 20º latitude.  This is 10º off of being between the classic wine growing latitude lines of 30-50.  I can see the potential to grow wine grapes above 50º given the temperature climb over the years expanding their growing seasons, but 20º seems a little hot to me right now.  The Sula Chenin Blanc has a bit of sweetness to it and the body seems a little heavy for a Chenin Blanc. The fact that the finish started dissipating before it began didn’t help either.

Is this wine horrible? No, but it certainly didn’t add anything to the dish.  It certainly do for a summer sipper, aperitif, but then again at ~$13, you could get the same thing for a cheaper price too.

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